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We are a fast-growing, innovative startup specializing in the creation of food products based primarily on natural, meticulously researched herbal raw materials, fermented with natural, selected microbiota. 

PRO-NOO-BIOTICS® is made up of qualified, interdisciplinarily educated, scientists - passionate in their fields - PhDs, masters and engineers in the fields of biotechnology, biochemistry, food technology, dietetics, chemistry, pharmacy, production safety and quality control. Outstanding individuals and unique personalities, empiricists with many, often, more than 20 years of experience in the industry Life Science. We are a group of experienced scientists, but also Friends, with the precision of a scalpel striving to achieve in their passion, the most ambitious goals in the category of nutritional solutions dedicated to people suffering from diseases of civilization (neurodegeneration, depression, diabetes) or ailments of daily life (reduced mood, sleep disorders or aversion to any activity, apathy). 


We would like to introduce you to the fascinating microcosm of the microbiome around you. 

It is Nature's greatest secret that affects your health and well-being. That's why we use and implement the power of Nature and the microbiota in our products.


Our INNOVATIVE and UNIQUE in the world market products are created through research and scientific discoveries.

We know that health begins in the gut, which is why we bring our main focus on the microbiome to our products and to you.

We optimally select the compositions and formulations of our products, using the most carefully selected sources of herbs, mushrooms and other ingredients, mainly from the area of our homeland - Poland, but also from all over the world, if such additions to the natural, complex composition are required. 

We ensure safety and efficiency by using a quality monitoring system - we check raw materials before they are used, as well as inspect finished products.

Trust more than 20 years of Experience and Science!

Let's walk the path to a healthier, more beautiful and fuller life together!


Dr. Piotr Kaczka (PhD, EMBA)
CEO, biotechnologist, biophysicist

Interdisciplinarily educated biotechnologist, doctor of biological sciences in biophysics, with additional faculties in dietetics in internal and metabolic diseases and clinical research methodology. Passionate about sports with a diploma of a class II trainer, and simultaneously completed at two of Poland's best universities (WUM, SGH) elite studies - Executive Master Business Administration in Health Care, as well as a postgraduate diploma in Internet marketing.

He has a proven track record of building and maintaining relationships with diverse Stakeholders, in dynamic micro- and macro-environmental environments.
Creator of globally unique educational programs: 

Active researcher and international reviewer of professional literature in the field of Life Science, an industry in which it has been scientifically and commercially active for nearly 25 years, using scientific advances to improve the health and comfort of its clients, continuously implementing the most effective practices of personalized, holistic care.

Dr. Iga Piekarska-Kaczka
Director of Research and Innovation Development, biologist, biochemist

She holds a PhD in biochemistry and is a graduate of the postgraduate program Dietetics in Internal and Metabolic Diseases at the Warsaw Medical University, with numerous trainings and courses.

She is constantly looking for new ways, and uses the experience and knowledge gained in the implementation processes of transforming ideas into unique products that meet the needs of you and your loved ones. For the last several years, she has been involved in the pharmaceutical and food industry, working on modern methods of supplementation and nutritional support.

Privately, she does not like boredom. Activity, travel, high dynamics every day and two energetic and joyful kids are her inner driving force.

Katarzyna Półtorak-Prokop
Quality Control Department, chemist

He is responsible for the Quality Control Department of our company. Ensures that the products we manufacture meet the highest requirements. Develops and maintains quality documentation and ensures that procedures are followed. 

She is a fan of herbs and herbalism and loves nature and everything related to it. As such, she also maintains our in-house herbarium and participates in the selection and selection of suitable raw materials for our products.

She worked in the pharmaceutical industry for more than a dozen years, dealing with a wide range of issues related to medicinal products, including the preparation and updating of drug dossiers and their registration in DCP, MRP and national procedures. She also participated in risk assessments, supplier qualification, creation of quality reports and certificates of analysis, and served as deputy qualified person for pharmacovigilance. She participated in the implementations of the electronic documentation workflow system and eCTD software, and was a key user. 

Privately, he is a beekeeper, grows, harvests and processes various plants (including herbs), bakes sourdough breads and does many things that are not very fashionable these days.

He is interested in forgotten history, loves to read, hike in the mountains and visit interesting places. He is very fond of swimming and scuba diving.

Monika Kowalska
Sales and Procurement Department, economist

In our company, she is responsible for the Sales and Purchasing Department. Customer service and contact with people have accompanied her from the beginning of her professional path. Always ready to listen to you, she focuses on finding optimal solutions. She is not afraid of challenges, work is her passion, according to the words of Steve Jobs: "Your work will fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do something that you believe is great. The only way to do great things is to do something you love. If you haven't found it yet - keep looking. Don't make compromises. As in many cases, your heart will tell you when you find it. As in any good relationship, it will get better and better as the years pass. So keep looking until you find it. Don't compromise." That's why Monika, after 19 years of working for another company, followed her heart and joined our team.

Privately, Monika loves going to the gym, which has taught her patience and that in order to achieve something, you sometimes have to sacrifice a lot. She combines physical activity with a passion for a healthy lifestyle, based on positive thinking, natural products, herbs and superfoods, believing that they can make a real difference in our body's health, mood and psycho-physical capabilities. She enjoys traveling, exploring new places and people. A crazy cat lover. Her life motto is:

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't fall into the trap of dogma, living other people's opinions. Don't let the noise of other people's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important - have the courage to follow your heart and intuition".

Steve Jobs

Artur Pliś
Research and Innovation Development Department, nutritionist

Thanks to his brilliance, ability to quickly find solutions and deal with difficult situations while still a student, he started working for a pharmaceutical company in Research and Development. He is constantly developing his knowledge in life science fields and loves reading news from the world of science. He graduated with a degree in dietetics. In addition to his research and development work, he is an active dietitian and trainer, because he loves to challenge himself and his charges, and even more likes to achieve his goals. Enthusiast of strength sports and combat sports - an active kickboxing club member.

Krzysztof Balakier
Marketing department, food technologist

He is a graduate of the University of Rzeszow, where he obtained the title of food technologist. His passion has always been taking care of his health and well-being, which is why he additionally raised his qualifications as a massage therapist and personal trainer. Krzysztof is constantly developing in the field of personal development, strongly combining marketing activities with social media activity. He has long felt the potential of marketing and in this direction he is developing his professional path.

In addition to his professional work, Christopher is passionate about sports, especially weight training. His other great passion is American automobiles - he loves to follow the latest trends and meet car owners. In addition, he is an avid lover of good literature, always ready to travel into the world of various personal development stories that inspire him and broaden his horizons.

Zbyszko Tarczewski
Director of Marketing and Sales, nutritionist

Creator and Editor-in-Chief of Perfect Body and Perfect Body Elite magazines (Olimp Sport Nutrition). Author of more than 650. articles on fitness, health, figure and strength sports, diet and supplementation. Graduate of the Poznan University of Technology. He ties his continuing education in life science fields to his passions for clinical and sports dietetics, health and physical activity. He loves working with people. Thanks to the above-mentioned magazines, he had the opportunity to collaborate (and review articles) with the biggest Stars of strength and bodybuilding sports and countless great Authors from all over the world representing the highest, even academic, level.

For more than 15. years, he has been providing expert support in the design of the most advanced health and exercise support products for both athletes and the general public. It continues to provide many ideas in the design of new dietary supplements.
Owner of FITTO Zbyszko Tarczewski, a company that specializes in nutrition education.

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